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Who We Serve and What We Do

National Security

Space Law & Policy Solutions provides consultation to government agencies, elected officials and policymakers.  Services involving national security include:

  •  Support to the intelligence and defense community on space-related legal, policy and lawfare matters.
  • Support in legislative and policy drafting, legislative deconstruction, and review and drafting of space-related policy and regulation at low-bono rates.
  • Analysis of OSINT relating to foreign outer space activities.
  • Analysis of the geopolitical and geolegal environment and its effect on the outer space domain.


Space Law & Policy Solutions assists business to navigate the nuances of space law and policy.  Space Law & Policy Solutions supports business by explaining the juxtaposition of the legal and policy environment and advises a course to navigate the pitfalls to provide the proper perspective to reach their objectives as domestic law, international law, policy and the geopolitical environment evolves,

Insurance Carriers

Space Law & Policy Solutions is positioned to advise insurance carriers with the perspective of how the advancing  legal and policy environment affects the industry and by extension their insurance products and their clients.


Space Law & Policy Solutions provides investors with insight into the outer space legal and policy environment to provide single investors and institutional investors alike with a pragmatic, no-nonsense assessment of potential investments in the new space industry and factors that might affect risk to an investment portfolio.

Political Campaigns and Candidates

Space Law & Policy Solutions provides political candidates a resource to appreciate the outer space legal and policy environment and to form their own policy positions for the campaign trail.

Non-Government Organizations/Non-Profits/Think-Tanks

Space Law & Policy Solutions provides support to NGOs, including government and academic think-tanks, involved in outer space issues and advocacy through reliable and succinct briefings and expertise with regards to outer space legal and policy issues.

Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments

Space Law & Policy Solutions recognizes law firms and corporate legal departments will increasingly be faced with issues that interact with domestic and international space law, including litigation in state and federal court.  Space Law & Policy Solutions provides firms with legal and litigation support for these matters and also offers of counsel relationships with firms to the extent conflicts do not arise.


Space Law & Policy Solutions recognizes the increasing exposure of outer space issues to the media.  Space Law & Policy Solutions offers media compensated and non-compensated interviews and access in all media formats, including print, Internet, radio and television.

Speaking Engagements

Michael Listner is available for speaking engagements, including panel discussions, speeches and/or seminar appearances.  Contact us f
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