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Space Law and Policy Solutions

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Issues relating to outer space security, space debris, private space, real property rights, mineral resource rights and other emerging issues require forward thinking to identify the complexities involved and overcome them.

Space Law & Policy Solutions provides its clients with an accurate assessment of the legal and policy environment and plot a course through the issues to guide its clients to their destination.
A Legal and Policy Consultation Firm That Applies an Operational Perspective to Provide Pragmatic Solutions to Address the Legal and Policy Challenges of Developing the Final Frontier.

As outer space development becomes more prolific so do the legal and policy issues that surround its use and exploitation. In the realm of new space, understanding the issues and their effect on both government and private sector space activities is critical. Moreover, national security issuses

Space Law & Policy Solutions was formed to address the growing need for analysis and solutions in the field of outer space law and policy for non-governmental, civil space and national security interests.

Space Law & Policy Solution provides its clients with an operational perspective as opposed to an academic one they can rely on to understand their current position and to offer practical and pragmatic solutions to address the legal and policy issues of outer space development at rates reasonable to the budget of a government agency, private company, non-profit or non-governmental organization.